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The Markets (as of market close June 30, 2016) In the world of equities, the second quarter of the year was anything but dull. April saw the large-cap S&P 500 and Dow make marginal gains, with the small-cap Russell 2000 and the Global Dow leading the way for the month. The Fed left interest rates […]

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The Markets (as of market close April 29, 2016) Despite a poor close to the month, the indexes listed here improved in April (with the exception of the Nasdaq) compared to their March closing values–but not by much. The Dow gained a scant 88.55 points over the month, while the S&P 500 increased less than […]

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The Markets (as of market close March 31, 2016) The first quarter of 2016 started with a whimper as equities suffered several weeks of losses. However, as March came to a close, several of the indexes listed here recovered enough to finish the quarter in positive territory. The Dow picked up 260 points to close […]

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Market Week: April 22, 2013

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  The Markets It was a tumultuous week, though the volatility of financial markets paled in comparison to the tragedies in Boston and at a Texas fertilizer plant. Domestic equities made an attempt to recover from Monday’s 266-point collapse in the Dow industrials, but quickly reversed any progress, giving the Dow its worst week in […]

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Market Week: November 19, 2012

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The Markets Equities around the globe continued to slide, suffering four straight down days as both the United States and Europe grappled with fiscal cliffhangers. Despite some optimism at week’s end, the Dow saw its fourth straight negative week. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq and small-cap Russell 2000 entered correction territory with declines of more than 10% […]

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Market Week: October 15, 2012

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The Markets Equities took a 2%-plus hit last week. Whether it was caused by profit-taking, a gloomy forecast from the International Monetary Fund, reaction to initial third-quarter earnings reports, or some combination, the decline cost equities their attempt at a new post-2007 high. Meanwhile, oil prices bounced back above $90 a barrel, while the stock […]

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Market Month: August 2012

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George Fisher’s Market Comments 9-1-12 The market reminds me of the TV commercial with the little old lady sitting up in her bed, clapping to darken the room. For the markets it could be “Risk On Risk Off” rather than “Clap On Clap Off”. With a “Risk On” clap, the S&P 500 advances to the […]

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Market Week: June 25, 2012

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The Markets A dismal Thursday cancelled out much if not all of the rest of the week. The Dow’s 250-point loss made Thursday the index’s second-worst day of the year. The good news? Oil fell below $80 a barrel for the first time since October, offering hope for lower gas prices to follow. Meanwhile, the […]

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