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By on November 9, 2015 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets (as of market close November 6, 2015) Following a very favorable jobs report at the end of last week, the domestic indexes listed here posted overall gains as of last Friday’s close. The Russell 2000, which had been lagging a bit, saw the largest increase, gaining 3.26%, followed by the Nasdaq, which rose […]

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By on September 28, 2015 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets (as of market close September 25, 2015) Like an early fall flu, investor anxiety continued to spread last week as uncertainty around the future of interest rates continued to drag down markets. Even a Friday rally in blue chips spurred by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s most recent comments couldn’t cure the malaise. […]

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Market Week: September 23, 2013

By on September 23, 2013 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets What the Fed giveth, the House taketh away: Jubilation on Wall Street after the Fed decided not to begin tapering immediately gave way to concerns about the potential impact of renewed battles over the federal budget and U.S. debt ceiling. The Dow and the S&P 500 hit record closing highs after the Fed […]

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Market Week: September 16, 2013

By on September 16, 2013 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets After weeks of uncertainty, investors last week seemed to feel more optimistic about the prospects for averting both conflict in Syria and heavy-handed tapering at home by the Federal Reserve. Three straight days of triple-digit gains gave the Dow industrials their best week since the first of the year, and the small-cap Russell […]

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Market Week: September 3, 2013

By on September 3, 2013 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets As some sort of U.S. military strike in Syria began to seem increasingly likely, investors had something else to worry about in addition to the Federal Reserve. That translated into weakness in equities. Heading into what has historically been a relatively weak month for stocks, the Dow industrials had lost almost 4.5% during […]

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Market Week: August 12, 2013

By on August 13, 2013 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets With little fresh economic data and some hawkish hints from Fed officials about September’s monetary policy meeting, equities traders seemed to have decided that last week was a good time to take some profits in the wake of record highs. After five straight positive weeks, the Dow industrials took a breather, while the […]

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Market Week: September 17, 2012

By on September 17, 2012 in Market Week with 0 Comments

The Markets Equities had a second strong week, helped along by a German court and the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 has now gained more than 4% in the last two weeks, and all four indices are at their year-to-date highs. The renewed enthusiasm for stocks helped send Treasury yields soaring as prices fell.

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Market Month: August 2012

By on September 11, 2012 in Monthly Commentary with 0 Comments

George Fisher’s Market Comments 9-1-12 The market reminds me of the TV commercial with the little old lady sitting up in her bed, clapping to darken the room. For the markets it could be “Risk On Risk Off” rather than “Clap On Clap Off”. With a “Risk On” clap, the S&P 500 advances to the […]

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Market Week: July 16, 2012

 The Markets After six days of plodding steadily lower, equities markets rebounded strongly on Friday, helped along by lower valuations and relief about continued (though slower) economic growth in China. The large caps of the Dow and S&P 500 ended the week basically flat, while the Nasdaq, Russell 2000, and Global Dow all fell slightly. […]

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George Fisher’s Market Comments 7-1-12

“Wandering Eye” is when one eye focuses on an object while the other looks the other way. In today’s environment, having a wandering eye could be a good thing as there are several important trends taking place.  Europe continues to be a big question mark and has implications for the value of the US Dollar, […]

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