January 25, 2014 – College Planning and the FAFSA form

Chris is joined this week by frequent co-hosts Mike Burton of Slade Mortgage and Family Law Attorney Susan Huettner. They discuss market conditions, changes in the child support laws, and divorce and college financing. Their discussion dovetails nicely into the second hour conversation with Martha Savery of the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA). Martha discusses 529 plans, the U Fund, loans vs grants, and the FAFSA form.

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April 27, 2013 – Guest Hosts Mike Burton and Susan Huettner


Filling in for host Chris Boyd are Mike Burton and Attorney Susan Huettner. The Real Estate Market and Mortgages where covered by Mike Burton of Slade Mortgage. Then Attorney Susan Huettner discussed general divorce topics like, keeping the house, protecting your credit and custody to name a few.

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April 6, 2013 – Special Guest Mike Byrnes and Co-Host Attorney Susan Huettner

Chris and show sponsor Attorney Susan Huettner discuss the current economic conditions: jobs, housing, and energy. Attoney Huettner talks about alternate dispute resolution and hiring a mediator. Mike Burton of Slade Mortgage gives the mortgage rates in the Slade Mortgage Minute. In the second hour, Chris is joined by Mike Byrnes of Byrnes Consulting. They talk about strategies for small business marketing, social media, and extending your reach.

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September 29, 2012- 3rd quarter review and more

In the first of our new longer format, Chris Boyd was joined by his guest co-host, Atty. Susan Huettner, whose specialty involves family law. They discussed both the markets and economic conditions at the end of the third quarter, before discussing tips on what mistakes to avoid when dealing with a divorce. These tips were helpful, though, for anyone as most were just good financial planning awareness priorities.

The conversation turned to politics as callers weighed in on concerns over the Fed’s policies, public sector pension obligations, and the challenges of being caught in the proposed reforms facing entitlement programs like Medicare. The show concluded with a discussion of whether or not the depection of the attack on the Libyan consulate as “spontaneous” was a deliberate deception by the Obama administration for political gain to maintain the narrative of a strong foreign policy experience and a diminished al-Qaeda.

Catch the program live streaming on 95wxtk.com Saturday’s from 3-5 PM. Join Randy Hunt & Herb Montgomery on next week’s program.

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May 19, 2012- Chris and Guest host Attorney Susan Huettner talk markets, politics, and alimony reform

Chris and guest host Attorney Susan Huettner talk about global economies, deflation, and the JP Morgan situation. Also, what’s all the fuss about the Facebook IPO? Finally, what divorcing/divorced couples need to know about alimony reform.

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