January 5, 2013- New Year Planning and the Financial Advisor Relationship

The first “Something More with Chris Boyd” show of 2013 has Chris looking at starting the new year with some financial planning. January is a good time to look at your budget, insurance coverage, and portfolio and review what changes need to be made. Chris concludes the first hour by discussing the year in review, the job rate, the debt ceiling, the impending sequestration, and the tax changes. The second hour of the show has Chris welcoming special guest Pam Krueger of PBS’ Money Track. Pam and Chris discuss the client-financial advisor relationship and the advisor as a co-pilot of one’s retirement planning.

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Four Money Mistakes You Might Be Making

Three years after the economic crisis led many Americans to re-evaluate their financial picture, economic uncertainty is still the norm. While there’s little you can do about the shaky economy, you can help stabilize your own finances over the long term by evaluating what you’re doing right … and wrong. There’s no guarantee, but avoiding these four money mistakes may help you survive and ultimately thrive in any turbulent economy.

Mistake 1: Jumping on the bandwagon

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