Providing personalized investment services to those intent on enjoying a secure retirement.

Portfolio Management

We take a comprehensive approach to your investment planning. Before we make any recommendations, we take a diagnosis of your current portfolio and develop an understanding of your values, life goals, and financial goals. After reviewing your estate plans, tax liabilities, and insurance plans, we tailor a comprehensive program securing your financial health. All our decisions are governed by integrity and ongoing communication. We encourage your involvement with scheduled reviews and regular impromptu contacts, while advising you along the way.

Along with Strategic Partner Portfolios at AMR we have a number of in-house constructed and maintained portfolios to meet a variety of goals and preferences.

AMR Discretionary Portfolios Management Services
AMR Bond 1 – Preservation NQ Portfolio
AMR Bond 2 – Conservative Portfolio
Income & Growth
Dividend Portfolio
Moderate Growth
AMR ETF Income & Growth
AMR ETF Preservation
AMR ETF Moderate Growth