Providing personalized investment services to those intent on enjoying a secure retirement.

Financial Planning Services

Like a fine boat crafted by hand, we will build a financial plan unique to you, using a wide assortment of premier products and services available on the market. Your existing portfolio is analyzed to get a baseline for your financial life. We create an investment strategy that bridges any gaps we find in your current plan and is designed to meet your future requirements.

We review your insurances and estate plan to ensure adequate coverage and protection. In this way we create a sound financial plan reflective of your principles and viewpoints.  For high net worth families, financial planning is more than just choosing the right investments at the right time. It also means wealth preservation and management that extends beyond your lifetime. If you are ready to take charge of our financial future, we would be honored to assist you.

In general, the financial plan will address any or all of the following areas:

We review family records, budgeting, personal liability, estate information and financial goals.

We analyze the clients income tax, spending and planning for past, current and future years, and illustrate the impact of various investments on the client’s current income tax and future liability.

We analyze investment alternatives and their effect on the client’s portfolio.

We review existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home, and automobile.

We analyze current strategies and investment plans to help the client achieve his, her or their retirement goals.

We review the client’s cash needs at death, including the income needs of surviving dependents, estate liquidity needs, and sufficiency of disability income.

We assist the client in assessing and developing long-term estate planning strategies, including the appropriateness of living trust, wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, gifts, and asset protection plans.