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Consulting Services:

From time to time we have clients who enjoy handling their financial accounts and are quite good at it too. They are not ready to give up control of their financial planning and investment management to someone else. However, a second opinion is often worthwhile

For these individuals consulting services are a good fit. We charge hourly and you can come in with questions and we’ll give you guidance and share our experience to help ensure you are on the right track. Another benefit of the consulting service is that it allows you the opportunity to develop a relationship with a financial partner. Then, if your circumstances change and you or your family need a financial advisor, you will have someone you chose and trust already in place.

By consulting with Asset Management Resources, LLC, you can potentially save money, avoid costly financial mistakes, solve problems, not to mention increasing your knowledge while reducing your stress.

Financial Planning:

Like a fine boat crafted by hand, we will build a financial plan unique to you, using a wide assortment of premier products and services available on the market. Your existing portfolio is analyzed to get a baseline for your financial life. We create an investment strategy that bridges any gaps we find in your current plan and is designed to meet your future requirements.  LEARN MORE >>>


 Portfolio Management:

We take a comprehensive approach to your investment planning. Before we make any recommendations we take a diagnosis of your current portfolio and develop an understanding of your values, life goals, and financial goals. After reviewing your estate plans, tax liabilities and insurance plans, we tailor a comprehensive program securing your financial health. All our decisions are governed by integrity and ongoing communication. We encourage your involvement with scheduled reviews and regular impromptu contacts, while advising you along the way.

Both discretionary and non-discretionary investment advice is offered. However, most clients prefer our discretionary management services.

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