Savvy Women and Money- Running Edition

Running a 5K was a goal on my bucket list. There was just one problem: I was not a runner. I couldn’t run from my front door to my mailbox. I tried a “Couch to 5K” program that I found online. It was hard. And boring. And I had loads of excuses why I couldn’t do it. (too busy, too tired, too many kids events to attend)

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Why Women Need Social Security

Did you know that the first person ever to receive ongoing Social Security benefits was a woman? Ever since Ida May Fuller received the first retirement benefit check in 1940, women have been counting on Social Security to provide much-needed retirement income. Social Security provides other important benefits too, including disability and survivor’s benefits, that can help women of all ages and their family members.

Retirement benefits: a steady stream of lifetime income

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The “Weight Watchers” approach to a healthy Financial Lifestyle

Every woman has gone on a diet at one time or another. Much of what we learn from dieting can be applied to a financially healthy lifestyle. Below are statements found on the Weight Watchers website as to why their program is different and successful.

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